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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shout Out!

I have to give a great big shout out to The Decorette Shop in Tigard, Oregon. They have one of the greatest candy and cake supply store I've ever seen. I was fortunate enough to take a chocolate class there in April with my friend Natalie who lives in Portland. I alternate between being totally jealous that she lives so close and totally grateful that I can't just pop in and spend money at will.
Natalie was kind enough to drop in a couple of weeks ago and pick up some icing decorations for my upcoming class in Utah and my chocolate class here at home. These are small - about 1/2 inch and will go on some of the chocolate dipped oreos. While the icing decorations aren't on their website, I'm sure that the nice people at The Decorette Shop would be willing to take a phone order and ship them out. By the way, their prices are extremely reasonable compared to anything else I've found on the internet. Most I've seen end up running around $1 each while these are closer to $1.50 for the six stockings or for twelve sets of holly leaves.

I'm really excited about my upcoming classes! If you're dropping in from Mental Tesserae and would like to join us on Saturday, just coordinate that with Julie using the email address on the flyer.


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