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Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy, Happy Birthday!

So, I realized quite late last night that today is Lane's bithday. But, of course, I didn't have the ingredients on hand to whip up a birthday cake and didn't have it in me to think of what I could come up with with what I did have. That is, until I realized that I had a package of Oreos and some dipping chocolate. Lane is one of my favorite coworkers, and it doesn't hurt that he's my best friend's little brother that I've known forever. He needed a birthday treat! So, I decided to fix him up on my lunch hour this afternoon.

These aren't the actual Oreos I gave him. After all, who has time for all that variety in one lunch hour? And then to take a picture? But this is a sampling of Oreos I've done in the past. It felt good to get my wiggly fingers back in action again. So I got busy again tonight.....but now it's late so that'll be a blog for tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Lane!


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